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I’m Jesse James Marion

Serial Entrepreneur | Digital Content Creator

I have one hell of a story to tell, but this isn’t a book so here is the really short version. A few years back I experienced a series of life changing and extremely traumatic events. These events left me feeling lost in life with major anxiety and severe depression. Before this happened, my life was great, I was married, had a child, a house, a successful business, I felt invincible. And then BOOM it all fell apart worse than I could have ever imagined. I went from invincible to NOTHING!

It took allot of time and soul searching but now my life has again turned around and this time in a very positive way. I am now happy, remarried, back to making money and best of all feeling happy once again. I want to use the power of social media to share positive and helpful content showing you that if I can do this, anyone can. I don’t have a college degree in business or a degree in anything for that matter, I have actually never even attended college. While I am being honest, I should tell you that I actually dropped out of high school and got a G.E.D., so again if I can do this ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Want to hear the much longer version of this story, many other stories and see what happens next? Connect with me on social media. . . . . . . Let’s get it!